Making a difference through Evangelism, Discipleship and Sending. Discover More.

Antioch Gospel Church was planted in January 2006 by the founding and current Pastors, Nicholas Hung and Grace Rimbo - starting with five committed members. The church vision is Evangelism, Discipleship and Sending, with a goal of planting church branches and multiplying the kingdom of God both domestically and internationally.

A high emphasis is placed on the balance between the Bible and the presence of God at Antioch Gospel Church. Services at Antioch Gospel Church are alive, exciting and often entertaining. The Bible is preached with power and relevance, and the truth of God's word is preached unashamedly. The anointing of God's presence is also amazing. Every service held at Antioch Gospel Church we continue to experience the tangible manifest presence of God as His grace is revealed week after week after week. In His presence lives are changed radically, as each individual completely submits themselves before Him.

The power of God is revealed in so many ways upon this ministry. Healing (both physical and inner) and deliverance is regularly experienced and many members and visitors have experienced true and complete freedom from addictions, sexual perversions, sicknesses and more, sometimes in a single service. Financial miracles are commonplace. The scriptures definitely come to life at Antioch Gospel Church - God becomes real, rather than a story and we get to know Him, rather than just know about Him.

For quite some time it has been said of Antioch Gospel Church, "This is not a church. This is an experience!" We make our boast in Christ, but know that it is our heart that everyone who comes to Antioch Gospel Church would come into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our aim and intention to point all the focus onto Jesus, and as this happens, people begin to experience genuine joy, freedom and breakthrough - something that they often have never experienced in a church before. To God be all the glory!

We are very conveniently located in downtown Sydney, Australia, in the heart of Chinatown. We welcome everybody to Antioch Gospel Church and we know that you will be excited to see what is happening as our awesome God continues to move powerfully amongst our congregation. We look forward to seeing you soon.