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The Antioch Gospel Church Culinary Team is referred to as the 'heart of the ministry'. The Antioch Gospel Church family thrives on taking meals together, much like the early church in the book of Acts. However, this requires effort and manpower to make into a reality. The catering and culinary team at Antioch Gospel Church is not made up of expert chefs, and trained kitchen staff, but simply by the volunteer members of Antioch Gospel Church who put their hand up to say, “I am willing.” Each week the team, according to food safety standards, and a leader with a Food Safety Certificate, puts together an amazing array of meals for each scheduled event, starting on Fridays and ending late on Sunday night.

The team is responsible for food sourcing, recipe creation, food preparation and storage, cooking, serving, handling and cleaning after everything has been completed and more. The members in this team have learned to love to serve and sacrifice so that others can be blessed and enjoy the fruit of their ministry.

When: Several times a week
Where: Lilyfield Offices and other locations
Contact: Church Office +61 420870726