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The creative team at Antioch Gospel Church is a highly involved team or volunteers who literally pour out their lives to make each church service excellent. The creative team is instrumental in making every part of the service a reflection of the glory of God, and to help people to connect in worship with their creator.

There are a wide range of roles within the creative team, such as:

Praise and Worship: Musicians, Singers
Logistics: Sound Engineering, Light Engineering, Computer Management and Projection
Graphics: Photography, Videography, Design and Editing, Multimedia Production
Staging: Stage Management, Decorations
Creative Arts: Dance, Drama

There is a huge amount of effort, and creative initiative that goes into the creative team on a weekly basis. The team plans ahead for events and ensures that every week a high standard of excellence is brought to each service.

For more information or to ask about opportunities to serve
Contact: Elizabeth - +61 430857722