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The Antioch Gospel Church vision puts a high emphasis on the key principles of evangelism, discipleship and sending. Practical and effective discipleship and sending will only take place when there is strong, Bible based teaching that is being taught and received by church members.

The Antioch Bible School (ABS) is a great way for Antioch Gospel Church members to continue growing in their Christian walk in an environment where the Word of God is taught in truth and knowledge, character and spiritual gifts are taught in balance.

(ISOM Diploma issued after successful completion of all coursework)

Students who study the International School of Ministry coursework at Antioch Bible School (ABS) can expect to be trained for ministry by well-known teachers that impart life messages in their areas of expertise. Students can expect to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and will learn from a program which has been used to train and empower thousands of people all around the world with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The International School of Ministry training module is a professionally recorded series of videos by world renowned preachers and teachers and comes with a complete training curriculum, including workbooks, group discussions, homework assignments and tests.

Each week several 30 minute long video sessions are reviewed by those who are registered as part of the course. Over 5 Semesters 160 videos are viewed and students are examined through homework and formal exams on the lessons that have been taught. Discussions are held after or during some sessions to provide extra reinforcement of the coursework that has been taught.

Some of the 30+ teachers who minister during this course include: A.R. Bernard, John Bevere, Reinhard Bonnke, Bayless Conley, Willie George, Jack Hayford, Marilyn Hickey, Brian Houston, Joyce Meyer, T.L. Osborn, Bill Winston … and many more.

Subject lessons include: Foundations of the Faith, Supernatural Living, New Testament Survey, Praise and Worship, Fear of the Lord, Power of Prayer, Ministry of Helps, Old Testament Survey, Essence of the Gospel, Jesus (Our Healer Today), Living by Faith, Power Evangelism, Leader’s Integrity, Leadership Vision, Being Led by the Spirit, Wilderness Mentalities, Developing Leaders, Personal Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare, Authority and Forgiveness, Spiritual Breakthrough, Christ Connection, Living to Give, Reaching a New Generation, Managing for Tomorrow, Ministering to Youth … and more.

An ISOM Certificate is issued to students after 3 Semesters and at the end of 5 Semesters every student who has successfully met all of the course requirements will receive an ISOM Diploma, issued by the International School of Ministry. The Diploma can be used for further studies at various educational institutions, including Vision International Education Network, which uses the same accreditations as Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia.

This course is a fantastic opportunity to hear from world renowned teachers, build relationships and friendships while taking the course and to earn an ISOM Diploma at the completion of your studies.

The total cost for each student to participate in the International School of Ministry course with ABS is AUD$100.00* per semester, or a total of AUD$500 for the entire course*.

Download an ABS ISOM Prospectus, ISOM Catalogue and ABS ISOM Application today for more detailed information.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.