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All pre-purchases prior to 1st April 2017 will be accompanied by additional offers worth over $150 (Note that digital edition purchasers will receive these offers directly to their phones; physical book purchasers will receive these offers as an additional coupon sheet.)

Antioch Gospel Church is selling the 2017/2018 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Membership as a member and community benefit as well as raising funds for our extensive overseas mission work.

The Sydney and Sydney North Entertainment Book or Digital Membership is selling for $70 and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Entertainment™ Books and Digital Memberships will help fund Christian Missions outreach in 15 locations in Indonesia throughout Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan and Papua as well as youth and community outreach work in Australia.

Entertainment™ Books and Digital Memberships contain hundreds of 25-50% off and two-for-one offers from popular restaurants, cinemas, hotel accommodation, the arts, and sporting events. There truly is something for everyone, with high value offers from Avis, Warner Bros. Movie World, Crown Towers, Hamilton Island and many more. All coupons are valid from receipt of your book through June 1, 2018.

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- Adelaide (RRP $70)
- Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Surrounds (RRP $65)
- Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas (RRP $60)
- Canberra (RRP $60)
- Darwin (RRP $60)
- Geelong, Surf Coast and Ballarat (RRP $60)
- Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales (RRP $55)
- Hobart and Surrounds (RRP $65)
- Launceston, North West Tasmania and Surrounds (RRP $65)
- Melbourne (RRP $70)
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- NSW South Coast (RRP $60)
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- Sydney and Surrounds (RRP $70)
- Sydney Greater West (RRP $65)
- Townsville (RRP $60)

New Zealand
- Auckland (RRP $70)
- Christchurch, Canterbury and Nelson (RRP $65)
- Dunedin, Invercargill and Queenstown (RRP $60)
- Waikato and Bay of Plenty (RRP $65)
- Wellington and Manawatu (RRP $65)

To purchase an Interstate or International edition please use our payment page below or contact us directly.


If you're like the following couple you can expect to save over $2000 over the next 12 months with an Entertainment Book or Digital Membership. Of course we realise that your situation may be different and you may spend more (or less) on the following items. The point is, of course, to illustrate that there are hundreds of ways to save money and enjoy your life more with your copy of the Entertainment™ Book.

In a typical year, Melissa and her friends:

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2. Visit a fine dining restaurant 1x every month: average saving of $30 per month
3. Dine at a take away or fast food outlet 1x every week: average saving of $4 per week
4. Watch a movie 4x per year with a friend: average saving of $10 per quarter
5. Shop at Woolworths, Coles, Bi-Lo or Pick-n-Pay and spend $60 per week: saving of $3 per week
6. Fill up their car 1x every week with $70 of fuel: average saving of $3.50 per week
7. Visit an attraction, theme park or wildlife park 3x per year: average saving $30 per visit
8. Go on holiday for 7 nights in a year at a 4 star hotel: average saving $20 per night
9. Hire a movie from the local video store 1x per month: average saving $3 per month

Total savings with an Entertainment Book: $2250 over a 12 month period.
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To order your copy of the 2017/18 Entertainment™ Book or Digital Membership, go directly to our customised payment page, located below, or click here.

Payment using the direct payment portal above is via Visa or Mastercard.

To order printed editions of the Entertainment Book using alternative methods of payment such as Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash on Pickup please order from the Antioch Gospel Church Online Store. Please note that for streamling purposes Digital Memberships are not available from the Antioch Gospel Church Online Store and must be ordered directly from the payment portal above.

Please note that pickup orders (For printed editions only) are collectable from our Lilyfield (2040) Office which is open by appointment only. Please contact Nicholas (0407436861) or contact the office to arrange a pickup time. We can also provide pickup from a central Sydney City location at certain times.

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