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We're human too! We know just how difficult it can be at times to naviagate your way around this place called Sydney City - and we understand that it must be especially hard if you're not a local. That's why we've put together an easy to understand travel guide to help you find your way to Antioch Gospel Church ... with or without using a map!

First things first. If you don't understand something - just ask! Most Sydney locals are more than willing to spare a moment to help you out, so if you're unsure just ask and you'll eventually find yourself in the right place.

Sydney Trades Hall is a very famous location, and thankfully it's also located in a very famous location. The Sydney Trades Hall is situated on the corner of Dixon St (otherwise known as Chinatown) and Goulburn St.

If you can read a map you'll be able to see this information from the map below. If not, don't sweat - we've written some very detailed instructions below.

Ok, so the map wasn't helpful? Then firstly, try getting to Chinatown! Dixon Street is also known as Chinatown. Have you been to Chinatown before? Do you know a friend who can help you get to Chinatown? Once you get to Chinatown, it's not too hard from there. Just ask someone to direct you to one of the famous eating joints adjacent to the Sydney Trades Hall: Mamak Malaysian Restaurant, Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert, Nonya Malaysian, N2 Gelato, Crazy Wings. If you can find one of these restaurants then you know that you're not far away!!

Still having trouble? It's easier than ever. Find the nearest taxi station and ask the driver to take you to the Sydney Trades Hall at the corner of Dixon St and Goulburn St, in Haymarket near Chinatown. That should do the trick!

Once you arrive in the correct location, the Sydney Trade Hall looks like an older style building, with no advertising signage or decorations on it. More information can be viewed on their website. The entry to the Sydney Trades Hall auditorium where Antioch Gospel Church meets is via Dixon Street only, through a set of glass doors, directly opposite Nonya Restaurant. Please note that there is no access through the main entrance which is located exactly at the corner of Dixon and Goulburn Streets. Once you approach the correct glass doors you'll see a sign outside the door, or hanging on the glass doors and you should see one of our friendly ushers there.

Congratulations ... you've made it to Antioch Gospel Church. Enjoy the service!!


For directions by train or bus please visit This website will provide you with precise details and timing when using the NSW public transport system.

Are you driving your Car?
There are a number of paid parking stations in the Haymarket area. As rates and opening hours vary, it is best to search on Google before you leave.

Contact the office for address details.

We also hold a variety of mid-week services at our Lilyfield offices. There are several transport options:

1. Free Shuttle Service
We provide a free shuttle bus service from UTS Haymarket Campus to our mid-week life group meetings, prayer meetings, full time teaching meetings and other events at our church offices in Lilyfield. Seats must be pre-registered with the church office. If you are coming from Sydney City, then the Free Shuttle Service may be perfect for you. For these events we recommend registering for a seat on our Free Shuttle Service. To pre-book your seat please contact the church office.

2. Sydney Buses
State Transit Bus #470 from Circular Quay to Lilyfield, has a final destination stop in Lilyfield that is around 300m walk from our location.

3. Sydney Metro Light Rail
The light rail from Central Station to Lilyfield, has a final destination stop in Lilyfield that is around 200m walk from our location.

4. Driving in a private car?
There is plenty of free parking around.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon.