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Life Groups at Antioch Gospel Church are a great place to get connected to the family. Members are encouraged to connect with one another in a smaller group setting, where deep friendships and relationships are forged as well as meaningful life transformation through personal connections and discussions. There are several major reasons why we encourage every member to get involved in a Life Group:

You will really feel as though you are part of God's family

Real friendships are made in the close and intimate setting of a Life Group. You will learn how to play your part and fulfil your calling in the Body of Christ and discover your greater purpose in His Kingdom. It is in a Life Group that you'll discover that your needs and struggles are not unique to you – others are feeling the same way too, and you'll find a group of people who are willing to help you through the difficulties of life. In a Life Group there are people who will be there for you when you're sick, hurting and in need, and many times there will be encouraging testimonies shared and assistance from those who have been through the same things that you are experiencing. The phrase “one another” is used more than 50 times in the New Testament. It is truly in a smaller setting such as a Life Group that you will experience the power and learn the responsibility of having a “one another” focus to love one another, pray for one another, encourage one another and bear each other's burdens. Joining a Life Group will help you feel like you are part of the bigger family.

You will gain a better understanding of the Bible and how it relates to YOU

The Bible is not just a book of history – it is a 21st century handbook to life. It's just a matter of extracting the principles for living and understanding them in a modern day setting. That's one of the primary purposes for Life Groups. Each time a Life Group gathers there is a discussion around the Bible, and how it can be practically applied to the daily lives of each person present. If you ever wanted to ask questions, or you were unsure about something from the weekend preaching, then Life Groups are the place to be.

You will develop a stronger and more meaningful prayer life

You will find, in time, the more involved you become in a Life Group, the more confident you will become in your faith and your prayer life. Although no-one is ever pressured to pray in front of the group, you will most probably discover that you will become more comfortable with the idea of praying in front of the group, and you may be able to share some sentences. Your personal prayers will also develop as you learn from other Life Group members how to pray and experience results.

You will discover how to handle stress and emotional pressure better

Life Groups provide a practical framework of support in times of needs, financial pressures, crisis, death, changes and other difficult circumstances. A member of a Life Group can be certain that someone will stand with them through the seasons of life, regardless of how tough things may be. In many cases, Life Group leaders and members have been instrumental in helping and assisting through times of abuse, alcoholism, hospitalisation, illness, unemployment and so many other needs. Your Life Group can support the journey to reaching out and sharing the love of God to your family and friends

The love of God is best shown through relationships, and not necessarily best felt or understood within the four walls of the church building. That's why you'll want to recruit your fellow Life Group members to be involved in reaching out to your family and friends. Your unbelieving friends may very well become more receptive to the gospel message once they have felt the warmth and love of God expressed directly toward them by you and your fellow Life Group members.

Your understanding of true worship will be deepened

Worship is not limited to a Sunday service. Worship happens every time that an individual focuses their thought and energy toward God to exalt Him. And that's exactly what happens when a Life Group bows their head in prayer, or shares around the word of God, sings a few songs together or serves one another with the heart of servant-hood.

You will develop leadership skills that you never knew you had

There are many opportunities for leadership skills and talents to shine in a Life Group. Life Groups require organisation, planning and creativity to run effectively. Unfortunately some Christians settle for the spectator style of Christianity by only attending Sunday services and never getting involved in the ministry. You have many gifts and talents given by God, and it is often in a small group setting such as a Life Group where these talents will grow and flourish and your confidence and self-esteem will blossom as you realise your abilities. The leadership skills that you learn in a Life Group will help you in your employment, at church, in your family and in every other relationship.

You will be living like a true New Testament Christian

The believers in the book of Acts provided an example for us to follow of meeting regularly with other believers for the purpose of the gospel message. In some cases, they met daily to share the gospel. There will never be enough pastors to meet all the needs of the general church family – and God never intended for it to be like that anyway. He has equipped and empowered every believer to be a blessing one-to-another. There is a real power in two or more believers gathering together regularly for prayer, studying the Bible and for general friendships and support and this can effectively happen through Life Groups. If you're a part of Antioch Gospel Church and you're not already involved in a Life Group, why not join one this week and begin seeing these eight great benefits at work in your life.

Life groups at Antioch Gospel Church are a powerful way to connect with the Antioch family and take every aspect of your life to another level. We have a growing network of Life Groups to cater for all ages, genders and maturity levels. Contact our office or speak to a leader at church for more information on how to get involved.


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