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What is Antioch?

Antioch is an important city in Bible history. The Church of Antioch is written about in detail in the Bible book of Acts. In Acts 11:26 the author records that it was in Antioch that the disciples of Christ were first called Christians.

Since Antioch was a major center in the ancient Roman Empire, many of the first missionary efforts of the apostles were launched out of Antioch. In the early centuries of the history of the Christian Church, Antioch became one of the central headquarters of Christianity.

Current Theme: All By Grace

The current theme for Antioch Gospel Church is "All By Grace". Every twelve months a new theme is announced and a large portion of the preaching content and direction of the church is driven by the seasonal theme. The breakthroughs that have been experienced by the church and individual members within the church throughout twenty fifteen have been nothing short of extraordinary. We have witnessed the power of Holy Spirit being pouring out to bring spiritual awakening, financial miracles, relationship restoration and so much more as God pours out His grace in all abundance. To God be the glory!

Alive & Growing

Antioch Gospel Church is a highly active, alive and growing Church. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of outreach, expansion and spiritual development. Church members and ministry team members expect to be led by example, empowered, stretched and taken to another level in every area of their life. Members develop strong family bonds and ties as they unify with one heart to bring the gospel of Jesus to this city and the nations of this world. If you are interested in growing and maturing spiritually, having your skills and talents stretched and your life taken to another level, Antioch Gospel Church is definitely a great place for you to call 'Home'.

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